DataOps Services

Our advanced solution brings together the most reliable technologies so you can deliver and run data projects quickly, easily and smartly. We aim to enable our clients to accelerate their project timelines but more importantly to have at hand a ready-to-use solution to manage the entire data lifecycle while meeting production, security and traceability criteria.

We leverage open-source, commercial and cloud-native technological ecosystems but also can easily integrate different frameworks through our SDK.

App modernisation

Our Kubernetes clusters management system brings global visibility, scalable operations, and consistent policy management to any apps by centralizing Kubernetes across teams and clouds. We provide a secure infrastructure that enables fast cluster management  to inject speed and agility into app operations.  We leverage hybrid and multi-cloud so our client can run workloads anywhere. 

Technical security

We offer a series of solutions related to authentication and protection against theft of sensitive data and information.

Technical security has a number of components, including:

  • Cyber security and investigation
  • Security architecture for software applications
  • IT security strategy
  • Network authentication management
  • Specialized engineered solutions for organizational security

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We are Global

Cultural diversity is present throughout all our Office. Our global talents all have the same thing in common which is a passion for delivering the very best Softwares !

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